Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First, I have to say I was going out of my mind with my art. Literally to the point of tears. Painting this way, and that. This subject, and that subject. At one time, I actually found joy in the work, then lost it. Maybe, now to think of it, it was my focus. On producing work. And in that focus, lost the 'Art' of art. Now, my focus is on what is important to me. First I give thanks for what I've been given, then I focus on the love my family, and friends shower upon me. And I go from there. For me, that's the best starting point to any good piece of work.


Robert Elliott said...

I like your thoughts. I was going through my own mental anguish. I had forgotten to enjoy creating art for the shear pleasure of enjoying art.
Now the art I create isn't so precious in that don't feel I have to hit the mark everytime. Truth is I am far from hitting the mark consistantly. There in lies my frustration. But now I am really in love with the process of creating art again.

Your drawings are truly beautiful.

Onward my friend!

Dawn McKelvy said...

Thank you Robert for your kind words. Our journeys are each unique, but at times they contain a common thread.
I absolutely agree, onward and upward!

Best Wishes,