Thursday, April 17, 2008

Todays Question

Am I going in the right direction? I can't answer that. Part of me says yes - pretty sure that's the right side of my brain, while the left is...never satisfied.

Time to take a deep breath, exhale, and begin another piece.

I'll elaborate. (thanks for the email)

Most artists I know, have asked themselves this very question, once, twice, hundreds of times. I hope to continue that quest. To learn everything I can in the relatively short period of time I have here. I'm thankful for what I have, and what's been given to me - I'll always want more though. It's a yearning for understanding, for learning. I want to use my time wisely, selectively, and deliberately. Just recently, and I do mean that literally - I've began to resonate with my work, with almost everything I've learned or been taught. This is an exciting time of my life.

Now, I'll go prepare to sketch.

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