Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why do I choose to draw/paint portraits/figures

instead of landscapes, still lifes, etc....?

for me, it's simply personal. i draw/paint portraits, figures, based on my interpretation - how i'm feeling, my response to my subject. and then i guess it bounces off of them and back to me, and in turn to the viewer. i'm not a writer, never claimed to be, but i feel i have stories to be told, and thru my work, i hope to do just that. writers write what they know, i draw/paint what i know, and what i know is me.

and - the human is one of gods greatest creations, right? that's how i feel anyway. i'm not a particularly religious person, at all, but very spiritual. i'm kind of paying tribute, love, and respectfulness, authentic values to the subject whatever their current condition, but thru my eyes.

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