Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lone Star Art Guild 2008 Convention

Wow! had a great day at the Convention yesterday. Happy to report I won a wonderful 1st place ribbon with this charcoal drawing. This piece was received very, very well. Such wonderful, lovely, heartfelt comments about my work, which touched me deeply. And I am thankful to all those who shared their love and support. This was my first LSAG convention.

Oh and way cool ribbon too! Don't you think :) ?

October 1st Place WAL 11/10/2007 WAL 21x17 Mixed Media
Day Dream 1st Place TAL 3/8/2008 TAL 27x21 Charcoal
Adore 1st Hon Men TAL 3/8/2008 TAL 27x21 Charcoal
Elysian Best of Show WAL 3/29/2008 WAL 27x21 Charcoal
Harmony 1st Hon Men TAL 3/8/2008 TAL 27x25 Oil

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