Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Art Daily

I'm an oil painter, I also dabble in charcoals ;) , I've worked in watermedia, and of course I will again, I'd love to sculpt! My first love is charcoal, and well, oils are there too. My thoughts are, keep at it, no matter what type of media it is. I've learned, you can apply things you learn in one media to another media. Sure some things are different, applications, chemicals, water, oil...but it's a great ride, to learn, to explore, to integrate one medium with another. Or to keep it pure and simple. I really feel that today we fight with so many things, ourselves, our world, our art, that if we just would take a breath sometimes, a deep one, and exhale thoroughly, just be in the moment - ask ourselves - What did I learn yesterday? How can I apply that today? What's important today? Did I help someone today? at the end of the day: What do I want to try tomorrow? And above all, be thankful. Rinse and Repeat.

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