Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best in Show - "Autumn"

Yesterday "Autumn" won Best in Show at the Tomball Art League. It was very exciting to have one of my oils win Best in Show. Also won a first place ribbon for "Fan Dancer", and a second place ribbon for "Lucia". All in all a good day at the show. These pieces will qualify for LSAG show coming up next spring.

Thanks everyone for their wonderful, heartfelt compliments about all 3 pieces of work, I do appreciate it so very much. Art is so much more than putting brush to canvas, or pencil to paper, and I thank you for seeing that. And I'm happy that I was able to communicate that in my work as well. I'd also like to thank Chuck Rawle, an incredible artist, and our judge at the show for his valuable insight to art. We all appreciated him being there.

And thank you to Connie Bosworth, President of the Tomball Art League. Connie is a great President, and a true leader and encouragement to all the members.


Sophie said...

No wonder - its a gorgeous painting.

Dawn McKelvy said...

Thank you Sophie!