Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The New Year

I'm diving in with my focus, and intent. This year my work is devoted to 'Curiosity'. Curiosity of life, of love, of art, simple quiet moments, pure curiosity. I'm excited about this new year, a lot of things are in the works, I'll share later on. To dive deeper, to pull that life, movement out of reality and place it on paper, or canvas. I find myself moving from 'is this right?'..to 'just do it'. Maybe as some of you, I've spent years questioning myself, second guessing - I'm my worst critic. You can ask anyone. I'm moving on now to my 'Curiosity'. Changing focus, and direction. I'm going it alone. The 'worst critic' in me says otherwise. I will use that 'worst critic' in me on the sidelines. She can sit there, instead of in front of me. She's been benched. I'll keep her on staff, because sometimes she knows what she's talking about. But now she'll only be a 'consultant' and not in charge. This is a big step for me, and I believe a real growth spurt. How liberating! So begins my curious adventure into life, love, and art.

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