Friday, March 13, 2009

Charcoal Drawing 9 days ....

..since I had my ACL replacement operation..and I'm really tired of not being able to walk, and getting a bit angry at the situation..I know that sounds silly..I'm actually doing well, able to put a little weight on that leg -when the brace is on and using my crutches - mostly putting weight on my hands..but with my physical therapy (began yesterday YAY!) I'll be kickboxing in no time.

and so I wanted to draw, do SOMETHING - so I did..

just a beginning..could only draw for a while comfortably..waaaaaa!

end of complaining..for today - on the blog anyway.

really, I'm grateful I could do as much as I did ;)

I intend on working on her again tomorrow.

everything could change..but i like the direction she's taking...

this is a portion of the work:

drawing with charcoal ;)
loves it.

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