Saturday, July 11, 2009

Demo's at The Pearl MFA: Erin - Charcoal..and one Oil on Canvas

Today we The Six Figure Artists went to the museum to demo. It was great fun about 120-150 people milled in and out, it was fantastic. That was what was reported to me, I however had no idea, I was busy drawing and painting. I did two. We began at 12 noon and it was over at 2:15. I have tons of nervous energy of late, so two was good for me. As well as me moving from one position to the next ;). Though I would've liked to have had finished them - I think it's good to do it and appreciate the work for what it is. Erin took breaks every 20 minutes, and did a great job. The works are still the at the museum, and will be for another week.

I had people today asking me what galleries have my work? "None" I said.."I'm not in a gallery". It was also suggested to me - that I need to have a show - :). I need a venue :) . Maybe it's time for a gallery.

oil is 20x16
charcoal is 24x18 on strathmore

thanks for looking



PAT MEYER -- said...

I got to enjoy watching all of you on Saturday. I especially appreciated your pieces in the show. The sleeping beauty was beautiful. Sorry I did not get to meet you since we are in the Texas Daily Painters together. Thought both of your pieces on Saturday where inspiring.

PS. I agree you need a gallery. Too good not to be in one.

Double "D" said...

Wonderful life drawings with charcoal and the paintings are a pleasure to look at. Glad I found your blog.