Saturday, July 25, 2009

Todays Life Drawings-Charcoal

Life drawing today was great, nice to be there and our lovely model lit up the room. Next week she'll be back, as well as one other - that'll be twice as nice. The first drawings are 1 and 2 minutes. The others are noted. Ambient light is always used in these sessions.


Double "D" said...


Great gesture drawings, you really know
the figure well. Love em all.

The last three longer poses are just incredible, truly.
How you leave part of the model as just a hint and then more focus on the head and your style is the best.

Dawn McKelvy said...

Hi Doug,

Thank you, glad you like them. I was really happy to go today, the atmosphere is so very nice. Thank you again.


Michael Bailey said...

I really like how you captured the face in the next to last drawing. All of them are great but this one stood out as being more dpectacular than the rest. Nicely done.

Dawn McKelvy said...

Thank you Michael. I like her too.


V. Bridges-Hoyt said...

Very nice life drawings!