Saturday, March 20, 2010

So Excited! Workshop! and New Eyes!

I'm so excited my 1st workshop will be here in little under a months time. Looking so forward to it! Fun! And I have my new eyes..yesterday my eye doc gave me some contacts to try out - I used to wear them several years ago - they're still something to become accustomed to..rather woosy at the moment. But I can see! That's good news. It was funny - in the examination room I was explaining to her about how I find it difficult to wear my glasses (because I'm nearsighted) I have to have them for distance, and then when I'm looking at my work I'm constantly having to take them off..or worse yet look over them. Constantly having glasses, charcoals..brushes..whatever - shuffling between my fingers. The good doc then proceeded to play out my 'situation' taking on the role of the 'model' while I played the 'artist' - she walked across the room - stage left - 'Can you see me now?' - I can!!! and I can see my work..without having my glasses hanging over my nose. Fabulous!

Wonder if the good Doc would pose for me? She's rather good at it! :)

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V Bridges Hoyt said...

I may need the name of your good doctor! :) I used to wear contacts for many, many years and stopped wearing them about 10 years ago. Congrats on the new studio space! Vernita