Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Workshop Update

Had a great time giving my first workshop! loved it. Charcoal everywhere. Thank you Marty Hatcher and your fabulous ARLC - you made my first time a wonderful experience :) - as well as a lovely scene for artists. Every artist was so welcoming and eager to work, each and every one worked passionately :). A beautiful group of artists, and my thanks to each and every one for coming. Everyone left wanting to draw more and more. That warmed my heart xox. Very good artists, was so very happy with the work I saw.

a demo, and a couple of the drawings I did in the workshop. i had sprayed them with fixative..here they're drying outside. both relatively quick - talking - sharing my thoughts, pointing things out on the model - juggling lol. will work on that...meantime..focus on drawing.

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Sashindoubutsu said...

You make good portraits. You're such a talented artist.^^