Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Had a lovely week down at the beach with my family. As soon as you reach Galveston the salt air licks your lips...and just by taste alone you know you're at the beach. Wonderful sand, they're keeping it nice and clean. Birds everywhere.. pelicans, all sorts of seagulls, cranes, sandpipers...and so much more. Pelicans would soar over head like fighter pilots in formation. They are beautiful creatures. Tons occupied or rather I should say live at 71st street pier..in this case it's "what used to be 71st street pier". As we sat on the beach we'd see them fly - skimming the water tips, just barely over the waves..with their wings spread at least 6 foot across or more (looked like it anyway) - fishing for their breakfast..or dinner. And when they found their meal - the fighter pilot turned into a torpedo..the bird smashing into the waves in one quick swoop and BAM! as Emeril would say. Amazing to watch. Sunrises, sunsets, and the moon was there too for our enjoyment. It was magnificent. Wonderful we didn't have to go far to enjoy such beauty. Sometimes you just have to know where to look, I think. A moment to connect..it was very nice..and needed.

Must say as well it was great to see Galveston full. People everywhere. Sun worshipers on the public beaches, bicycles zooming around too ( two wheel as well as those for 4 people). Shops were full on The Strand and elsewhere. Reminders everywhere too of Ike. Water level signs here and there. Some reminders set in sort of graffiti, others set in plastic signs screwed to the sides of shop owners counters so you'd see it just as you walked up to the counter to pay for your lovely holographic bookmark "that you know who" will absolutely love. Brings you back to reality for a moment, though I do lose myself meandering through the shells for sale, Tshirts, and gorgeous bits of jewelry. These people did go through hell and back. I can feel it. Those shop owners that stayed on after the storm have something about them - maybe its tenacity (and all of its synonyms), those that are new to the area are looking for opportunity..you can smell that a mile away. Which I think is great. What I saw was booming. Great crowds - people enjoying the sun, walking the shops, slathering on loads of sun block, breathing in the salt air..and hearing the constant sound of the birds overhead and the roar of the waves. I took it all in as slowly as I could..just to make it last that much longer.

Saturday Morning Sunrise,
Galveston, Texas 2010

Moon over Galveston

Pelicans on what used to be (I think) 71st Street Pier

I'm outta here...later

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