Saturday, October 23, 2010


Christmas y'all. I know, it's STILL only JUST October (never thought I'd get to the word October huh?)..but I can feel it in the air. It's coming. I can remember standing at the front window of our little apartment just before going to bed on Christmas Eve. I'd stand there with my little brother, I was about 7 and a half, he about 3 and a half. But he knew who was coming, because we had been very good. In fact when his play pen flooring fell in (bent) because we had been bouncing in it, it was very good of me to take little fairy books (plus a few encyclopedia's) and pile them under the floor of his blue and white polka dot play pen, strategically of course, so that we could continue bouncing - without our Mom knowing for a day or so. Little brother had helped. Those were the good days. The 70's for you. :)

and here's this for you too..

oil on canvas
$(contact me for purchase)

I will put him up for today. And retrieve that set of new eyes in the morning to peruse his magnificence.

Yes, he's done. I looked him over, and I like what I see. Sweet.

D xox


Sandra said...

Dawn , Hes a golly looking fellow , love the head dress on him, Beautiful !!

Dawn McKelvy, a Texas Artist said...

Thank you Sandra,

Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year. :)