Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OMG its March already!

Right its March. Done with the flu. Oh yes. I had it. Was too clever NOT to get the shot. Not. I'll be in that line next time. Believe me. ok. So thats done. Some people are just lucky and don't ever get it. The flu actually hunts me down and conks me on the head. Like a deer in headlights - suckerpunched - over and out. For a month. Good grief.

So you don't care if I had the flu..take a look at this..did this while waiting to have a root canal tomorrow..ugh. Help me please.

..mind you..this is just a portion - there's more -..will share the rest when done...or when I'm good and ready. LOL



jack purvis said...

Think of happy things

Candace X. Moore said...

Wow, lovely, Dawn. Nice edges and value range, and masterful drawing. How big is this? Looking forward to seeing the whole image.

Sorry about the flu.

Dawn McKelvy, a Texas Artist said...

totally with you Jack! LOL Find a happy place! :)

Dawn McKelvy, a Texas Artist said...

thank you Candace. she's a rather big girl. umm..right now she's 22x30 (i think) --- will make sure..and possibly cropping?? will post when complete.

thanks. i'm getting the shot next time. :)

Sandra said...

I feel your Pain girl been there , bit the dentist if he hurts

Beautiful study !!!!

Dawn McKelvy, a Texas Artist said...

Sandra - Dentist was luckily very good so far (as yesterday went). Didn't have to bite as yet. Good advice though ;). lol

thanks for the compliment.