Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seems my easel is broken...

Oh well. It won't lock in place any longer there at the sliding we use the balancing act, and being gentle helps as well. Crayola boxes are good too..I use whatever I have around, and I keep crayolas around to remind me to be a kid. LOL.

As you can see this is Santa, I know a little early, but getting the jump on things. I think. He's 10x8 inches..and on gallery wrap. My daughter said the painting made her want hot apple cider! LOL or HOHOHOHO!


Susan Roux said...

I"m very aware of how colors around us affect the choices we make on canvas. I find it interesting that the colors from your crayola box just pour into the top of your painting. Very nice Santa. (Santa already??? really?)

Dawn McKelvy, a Texas Artist said...

Thank you Susan, you may be right. And yes, I'm getting ready for an event..and these are requested. Thanks again for coming by.