Friday, September 9, 2011

"Well, Jane, just goes to show you, it's always something--if it ain't one thing, it's another." Roseanne Roseannadanna

Roseanne was right.

I was on a roll, I felt like I was I've had to pause *again* recently, because of all the fires around us. Its sad. Our area of Texas has been on fire since I believe this past Monday. So far we've been on a little island, the fire going around us. Its still moving. And is a bit closer. I wish the wind would stop blowing. I've found it difficult to focus on anything else. We're waiting now, for more news. My art is always on my mind, I can't sit still long enough to work on it. I've packed up the drawings I will take, and the paintings I could pack as well. I love our home and my little studio, and hope they're here next week and the next and so on and on. Anyway, if you pray, please pray that the fire stays away, or that they finally put it out - and that we're all safe. Our firefighters have been working around the clocks. We've had a DC-10 flying over head not 1000 ft up dropping fire retardant. Helicopters too, Blackhawks dropping water from area lakes. I'm so thankful for them. Most are volunteers. Bastrop, Texas last I heard had a 20 mile deep and 24 mile wide fire, thats a lot of people without homes. I feel for them, if fires coming theres no where to hide, you have to run.

If anyone is reading this thanks for stopping by. Last time it was a hurricane, this time fire...who knew? This is a first for me, goes to show you, if you don't like the weather in Texas - wait a minute and it'll change.

nos da i chi*

thats Welsh, something my Father told me every night - means 'good night to you'.


Susan Roux said...

The fires sound horrifying. I pray you stay safe and the fires are finally put out.

myra a painter drawn to degas said...

i hope you will be safe!

Dawn McKelvy, a Texas Artist said...

thank you both. our first responders are still working on the fires, there are hot spots that crop up. we need rain desperately, a long nice rain.

Sandra Heading said...

Be safe Girl you and yours !!!